When I saw the last episodes of Natsume Yuujinchou, it made a huge impression on me that I wanted to draw something to express how it would be like if Natsume had a chance to be with his dad. 

I bet he would be shy and awkward but genuinely happy. Throughout the series, he had a lot of unhappy experiences like being different, growing up without a family and bearing years of bullying. So on this piece, I want to depict him with the happiness he long deserved.

If you’re wondering why dad’s face is covered, I felt the series has always been very subtle with Natsume’s parents, so I wanted to keep it that way. 

Here’s a fanart from my favorite series! Wish there will be Season 5!


Done in Sai. Probably the most complicated one I’ve done so far since I’m a beginner with low attention span. There were a lot of firsts, like drawing rocks, water, fish, tatami mats, sakura blossoms… It was really daunting to finish, but breaking it to multiple sessions helped a lot. It gave me the energy to work on the details a bit at a time.

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